We're really excited to be able to share that Magic Carpet has received a grant from the Government’s £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund to help us recover and reopen. This will help us prepare for full opening by supporting a range on new ideas and initiatives.

What's Next is a three stranded project comprising of:

  • Our continuing Zoom based workshops and possible outreach with people who attended pre-Covid 
  • An exhibition
  • The What’s Next day


We have had our ongoing zoom based workshops during 2020-21. These will continue and participants to be inspired to take part in the exhibition and What’s Next day


A significant part of What’s Next will be developing an exhibition that will motivate, inspire and bring everyone involved in Magic Carpet together; the show will inspire our participants, volunteers, trustees and creative workers to create artwork that can be shown to the wider community. Our participants rarely have an opportunity to exhibit and to celebrate all of us moving forward in our lives we are proposing an exhibition, in a community space in central Exeter and virtually based on the theme of ‘What you value’. This exhibition will celebrate what everyone involved in Magic Carpet values most in their lives. 

What's Next Day

The What’s Next day, at Exeter Phoenix will be a full programme of activities, meeting old, new and potential participants, encouraging and allowing them to sample our artists workshops in visual arts, drama, and the choir. We will be promoting this to a wide number of people and organisations inviting them to showcase their services and to have free space to promote and meet new participants. The day should give a real flavour of Magic Carpet, giving everyone a sense of returning to normality and to allow everyone to meet in a gentle, encouraging and safe environment, finding out more and meeting others. The What’s Next day will be a boost to potential post-Covid falling numbers, enable us to re-launch Magic Carpet’s physical cultural workshops and offer new participants an experiential opportunity to engage in the arts.