Thursdays 2PM - 4PM


This group offers a friendly space where people can paint, draw or create without pressure. Aimed at people who are experiencing social isolation or mental health difficulties, this group is very sociable and supportive.

Open Studios mixes self directed work with skills projects, so is suitable for beginners or those who are already skilled artists. We are always looking for new members.

To find out more or to try the group please email Allie here.

The image below was created by 'T' and is her response to the 1940's film 'A Matter of Life and Death'

The images below were created by 'R' during our weekly zoom workshops in Autumn 2020.



And here is one of Annie's great pastel drawings, she hadn't used pastel until she started online with us last September.

Here is 'T's' latest piece 'The Evolution of Parliament'