Our office will be closed on Monday 30th August until Monday 6th September.  When we reopen we will be welcoming Adam Atkins as our new CEO.  Here you can find out a little more about him...

When were you happiest?

I suppose it would be hugely clichéd to say “when my children were born" or "my wedding day", so instead I’ll say that it was probably the one and only time that my wife and I spent a few months travelling in east and southern Africa. It is just about the closest one can get to living inside an Attenborough documentary


What is your most treasured possession?

It’s a set of books: my Loeb Classical Library collection. It’s still in its infancy but that collection is probably the first thing I’d save in a fire (after the kids of course!)


What inspires you?                                                                                                          

I had the chance to meet Sandhy, Em, Joseph, Andrew and Barbara from Living With Aphasia at our recent 40th anniversary event. I was blown away by the impact both that aphasia has on people’s lives but more by the positivity and resilience in the personal stories that I got to hear


What do you deplore?

That in a country where some people have more than one private aircraft, we struggle to fund public services that would benefit those in the most need


What is your greatest achievement?

I did a bike race called the Haute Route a few years ago. It was seven days going up and down mountains in the French Alps. It was really really hard. I was pretty proud of that


What are you most looking forward to about joining Magic Carpet?

Getting to meet all of our clients and participants, volunteers and staff


What’s your favourite music track?

At the moment it’s the record Sketches of Spain, by Miles Davis


What’s your favourite artist?

I’m going to use a little artistic license here and go for several: visual, it’s probably the photographer Sebastiao Salgado; musical, it’s Miles Davis; are writer’s artists? If so, it’s probably Ernest Hemingway


What did you enjoy most about lockdown?

Witnessing how resilient my children were at adapting to homeschooling at the drop of a hat


What’s  your favourite part of Devon?

The stretch of coastline from the Valley of Rocks down to Saunton Sands


Where did you last go on holiday?

In the UK it was Croyde. Out of the UK it was Athens, though that seems a distant memory now!