We have worked with local charity Living with Aphasia for over two years, we have supported them through various creative mediums and helped them prepare for two exhibitions.

Sandhy from Living with Aphasia says; 

"Our Creative Art sessions with Magic Carpet have been very, very good for us at Living with Aphasia.  Specifically when everything is a little different than usual.

Our most valuable asset is helping our aphasia people.  We need to ensure sustainability, kindness and courage,  So one of the things we use is art, as it gives attention; creativity; connection; inspiration - it allows our people to find new passions, where they had no idea that they could do it at all - and now?  They do it with joy, startlement and delight! Magic Carpet have been an excellent help to us.  And we really love all of them! 

With Magic Carpet, our Creativity Art actually is Magic."  

You can find out more about Living with Aphasia from their website which is HERE