Critters Project

Critters Project

At Magic Carpet, we love line drawings and making things with them that can be shared across the organisation. We had great success with the self portraits for our anniversary tea towel, and a couple of years of bright and bonkers badges for our 'Badges Not Labels' initiative.
Simple line drawings can be really democratic, giving scope for individual styles and nuances while building a body of work across a common theme.

The Critters project was about looking at the creatures that we share the planet with (theorist Donna Haraway considers humans to be just one of the myriad critters, from the micro to monster scale, on this planet). We divided them into critters of the air, land and sea. People were encouraged to chose creatures and draw them from memory - this gave rise to some great conversations - how many arms does an octopus have? how many legs on a centipede? does a crab live in the sea or on the shore?

The tea towel is a print made by everyone in our Honiton group - it started as a plan to make some full-scale wallpaper, where each person drew six versions of their chosen critters, to make a pattern. It's also been printed off-set in red and blue by the Inky Fingers Printshop, as fly-leaves for the notebooks.

There are eight designs for our notebooks, they've been laser-etched at our local FabLab and the Inky Fingers Printshop bind them from reused commercial waste paper. We thought it would be good to share a bit about the people who designed them. They each get a cut of the sales for their notebook - so you're not only supporting our charity, but directly giving the artists something too - AND you get an ace notebook!

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I go to Snapdragon - I've been coming here a long time. I used to know Rob (the CEO) back when he worked in the Acorns (over 20 years ago). I made good friends back then with people like Iona. My picture is of two birds, I made if for the calendar. I like painting and drawing. I liked it when we did the (self-portrait) tea towels - we're all on there!

I've started to come to sessions on my own. I was getting less support and was feeling stuck indoors. I wanted to go out on my own. I need help when I've got stuff to take home, my friend Callum who lives with me comes to help me.


My book design is of an octopus with nice hands, it’s a nice book, good for spelling. I like the book, inside its got birds.

I like drawing - I used to draw at the big school when I did netball and cooking buns. I don’t miss the netball! I used to work in the big school in Exmouth. I like to draw trees, I like Oak trees and Alder. I also like doing puzzles. My favourite colours are red and purple – red for danger!

I’ve been coming to Magic Carpet a long time. The Honiton group is very good, there’s lots of Margarets around here!

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