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PLEASE BE AWARE; We had a recent trade fair and sold lots of our books, because of Covid we haven't been able to make replacements, but we hope to create new stock ASAP ... 22nd June 2021..
When purchasing, please consider a donation to make your impact even greater.  Please note, due to Covid-19 restrictions delivery may take up to two weeks from order date.

Large recycled Notebooks


Large, approximately A4 notebooks. Read more

Annuals - Large recycled Notebooks


Assorted approximately A4-sized notebooks. Read more

Medium Notebooks in fabric covers


Medium sized notebooks with fabric covers and title or illustration. Standard quality of finish. Read more

Assorted Cards - The Freehand Collection


Read more

Assorted Cards - The Bird Print Collection


Read more

Critters Tea Towel


A 100% natural cotton tea towel with turquoise Critters print. 2nd print run. Read more

Recycled Gift tags


Made by Inky Fingers Printshop. These gift tags are 100% recycled. *contains seeds* Packs of 10, assorted colours. Read more

Faces of Magic Carpet Tea Towel


Read more

Mid Range Notebooks


Average sized and standard level of finish. Read more

Big Index recycled Notebook


A-Z index recycled notebook with 25mm wire binding. Top grade of finish. Read more

Assorted Cards - The Collage Collection


Read more



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